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Genesis Mining offers you a smart and easy solution to invest your money. The Bitcoin Mining System is suitable for beginners in the world of cryptovalues, industry experts and even big investors. Genesis Mining is the first worldwide Cloud Mining multi-algorithm service to offer an alternative to those who want to venture into the Mining of Bitcoin and Altcoin.

Bitcoin is, in simple terms, a digital currency. The reason we are convinced (as well as many others) to find ourselves in front of a great innovation is that virtual money is not controlled by any central authority. Bitcoin's network is completely decentralized and currency is produced by a community to which everyone can freely join. Bitcoins can be transferred almost free of charge and immediately, unlike bank transfers that may require payment of a commission and several days of waiting.

Bitcoins are different from the money we are used to and are digitally coined and stored. They are created by a computer network that uses software to solve math problems. There is a precise number of Bitcoins that can be coined with Mining, so that inflation can not hit the currency. Online payment with Bitcoin is fast, secure and with a variable degree of anonymity, while the number of goods and services that can be paid with digital currencies is steadily increasing.

After the launch of Bitcoin, other cryptovalutes quickly appeared.

There are currently hundreds of new currencies launched on the market, which differ from Bitcoin for one or more features. For example, their Mining is simpler than Bitcoin and the number of units that can be produced varies by currency. The main difference between Altcoin and Bitcoin is the algorithm. In the case of Altcoin, the algorithm does not contain a growing difficulty, so mining activity for the single is simpler and more rewarding compared to Bitcoin.

The success of a particular currency depends above all on the potential of the created community. Altcoin with the largest market share, after Bitcoin, is Litecoin